An integrated DAO toolkit to measure contributions and enhance Governance

DAOs and communities use our tools to onboard contributors, track their contributions and take actions to increase engagement and accountability.

Karma Governance Insights stack

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Karma for DAOS

Insights and actions to improve Governance.

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Karma Governance Tools

Level up your delegation process with our powerful tools.

Whether you're a tokenholder, delegate or community member, our user-friendly tools can help provide valuable insights resulting in better decision making and improved Governance.

How Karma Works

Contribution Aggregation

Indexing DAO member contribution

We index member contributions across a number of systems both on-chain and off-chain. We are constantly adding more integrations to cater to each DAO's needs.

Systems supported by Karma

Contribution Analysis

Customized scores for contributors

We work with DAOs and assign custom weights to various contribution metrics. By combining weights and activity, we calculate a DAO score for each contributor. These scores provide the basis for follow-up actions.

Systems supported by Karma

Discover the ways in which DAOs
utilize Karma’s Suite of Governance tools.

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Gitcoin’s steward health cards site is hosted on Karma's platform. The dashboard is used to provide the Gitcoin community more visibility into delegate activity.

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Karma worked with Optimism team to implement a Delegation Dashboard that can be used by token holders to find ideal candidates to delegate their tokens.

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ENS DAO uses Karma's Discourse forum plugin to display the governance stats of contributors and active proposals inside the forum.

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Idle Finance utilized Karma contributor leaderboard to measure and reward the most engaging contributors through the governance mining program.