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Steward Report Cards

Gitcoin’s steward health cards site is hosted on Karma's platform. The dashboard is used to provide the Gitcoin community more visibility into delegate activity.

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Gitcoin's Steward Report Cards are built using Karma's custom dashboard product. The Steward Report Cards have health scores assigned to each Steward with the goal to provide an easy way to gauge the Steward's level of engagement within the DAO. This results in improved transparency and accountability of their work. The cards also function as a tool to assist delegators make informed decisions and to allow stewards to compare their involvement relative to their peers.


The stewards of Gitcoin DAO play a vital role in driving the Gitcoin ecosystem forward through their work in governance and in workstreams. Gitcoin has hundreds of Stewards involved in various ways in the governance of DAO. It was very difficult for the DAO and token holders to gauge the level of engagement of the Stewards. Without clear metrics, it is difficult to get visibility and hold the Stewards accountable. Token holders like to delegate their tokens to the most active Stewards and without clear visiblity, they could not confidently choose a delegate for their tokens. Stewards themselves would like to understand how they are performing and improve their involvement in the DAO.


Karma's product has a scoring component that can be used by DAOs to quantify the activity of the contributors. Gitcoin's team collaborated with us and identified Snapshot voting and Forum activity as the two metrics they wanted to track to determine the Steward activity. Karma's system can differentiate between different types of posts. Proposal posts are weighted heavily than regular posts and comments and discussions on proposals are weighted differently from other comments. Gitcoin's team came up with the algorithm to calculate Health Score based on these metrics and weights. Karma runs this custom algorithm on a daily basis and updates the Health score of all the Stewards. All the stats along with the Health Score is displayed in the custom dashboard.

Gitcoin DAO Stewards - Health Cards data Provided by Karma
Karma DAO Score Table - Scoring Results
Karma Github Code - Scoring Model


Green Checkbox

Increased and more informed delegation activity.

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Increased accountability for stewards.

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Reduced number of ghost stewards - those who have voting power delegated but don’t vote.