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ENS Case Study

ENS uses Karma's Discourse forum plugin to display governance stats of forum users in their profile. This provides readers with additional context about users who are posting and replying in forum threads. The readers can decide for themselves how much weight they want to give someone’s comment in the forum.

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The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) DAO governs the ENS protocol, a widely integrated blockchain naming standard.


DAO participants and delegates have limited time and attention to create the necessary context when following discussion threads. However, many ENS forum posts contain more than 50 comments. It becomes challenging for participants to distinguish signal from noise while interacting on the forum. They need more information about post authors to decide how they want to get involved in the conversations.


Karma's system indexes ENS governance contributor's on-chain activity such as delegated voting weight, voting activity and Snapshot voting stats. We worked with ENS team and built a custom forum plugin that displays this indexed governance activity with in the forum in a user's profile along with their most recent voting activity. Forum users can simply hover over a user's avatar to quickly view the stats and determine post author's level of involvement in governance and decide how they want to engage in the conversation.

Karma Forum Plugin - ENS
Karma Forum Plugin - Serenae User Popup

Results & Improvements

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The relevance of comments can be quickly captured

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“Loud” individuals not otherwise involved in DAO governance can be easily identified and thus distracting background noise suppressed.

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Better context information leads to higher-quality governance contributions