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Custom Dashboard to find delegates

Karma worked with Optimism team to implement a Delegation Dashboard that can be used by token holders to find ideal candidates to delegate their tokens.

Optimism case study

Optimism DAO is one of the most active DAO's when it comes to governance with hundreds of delegates involved in the DAO in various capacity. Delegates have an obligation to be active in the governance but without any metrics, it is difficult to get visiblity in to their activity. Karma worked with Optimism in building a custom dashboard to provide visibility into delegate voting activity and hold them accountable. The dashboard also provides a number of features such as filtering delegates by interest, recent activity and delegate their tokens directly from the dashboard.


The effort required to read into the context of a governance decision is high. Not every token holder has the resources to do it. For this reason, DAOs shift to representative governance via delegates. However, it introduces a new challenge for token holders to decide who the best delegate to transfer voting power to and also ensure that their vote is in good hands. At the same time, DAOs require the ability to hold delegates accountable while the delegates themselves need an interface to track their activity and interact with their delegators.


Karma has built a dashboard for Optimism that gives an overview of their delegates and displays important data on their governance status and contributions, e.g. how much voting power they hold, the number of delegates and the forum and voting activity. Furthermore, the voting history can be looked up along with information on the voting reasons. The delegation pitch with interests is included as well. Interest tags can be further used for the delegate search.

Note: Governance Dashboards by Karma can be fully customized and hosted at any Domain/Subdomain.

Optimism Delegate App
Optimism Delegate App - Statement Modal
Optimism Delegate App - Voting History Modal


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Increased and more informed delegation activity.

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Increased accountability for delegates.

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Reduced number of ghost delegates - those who have voting power delegated but don’t vote.