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Strengthen DAO Governance through
Data-Driven insights and actions

DAOs and communities use our tools to get visibility into their member contributions and take actions to increase engagement and accountability.

Karma Governance Insights stack
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Trusted by leading DAOs in the industry

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Visibility & Accountability via the
Contribution Dashboard

DAOs and token holders gain greater visibility into governance
contributor activity which encourages accountability.

  • View contributor voting, communication stats, and history
  • Analyze activity across various timeframes: lifetime, seasonal, or customized
  • Identify emerging governance contributors
  • Standard or custom dashboard branded for your DAO

Turn Insights into Data-Driven Actions

Karma’s dashboard provides all the insights about your contributors. But the real magic happens when these insights are used to help DAOs make decisions to improve governance.



  • Use Karma to streamline the delegate on-boarding process

  • Provide token holders with insights so they can make informed decisions on (re)delegating their voting power

  • Easily integrate with any delegation contract



  • Use custom filters and reports to identify the most active contributors across different time frames

  • Incentivize DAO participation by rewarding the most active contributors

  • Elect contributors to committees based on their DAO participation

Governance Power

Governance Power

  • Leverage contributor insights to allocate voting rights via our integrated Snapshot strategy

  • Mint contribution-based SBTs (Soulbound Tokens) as a certificate of membership level



  • Issue activity-dependent badges that provide permissions to 3rd party applications

  • Integrate directly with partner applications to unlock access (e.g., Discord roles)

How Karma Works

Contribution Aggregation

Indexing DAO member contribution

We index member contributions across a number of systems both on-chain and off-chain. We are constantly adding more integrations to cater to each DAO's needs.

Systems supported by Karma

Contribution Analysis

Customized scores for contributors

We work with DAOs and assign custom weights to various contribution metrics. By combining weights and activity, we calculate a DAO score for each contributor. These scores provide the basis for follow-up actions.

Systems supported by Karma

Leading DAOs use
Karma’s Analytics Suite

ENS DAO logo

ENS DAO uses Karma's Discourse forum plugin to display the governance stats of DAO participants inside their forum profile.

Optimism logo

Optimism commissioned Karma to implement their Delegation Dashboard and add new visibility features in an iterative process.

Gitcoin logo

Gitcoin’s steward health cards are powered by Karma. All the stats are calculated and made available through API that is rendered by their frontend.

Idle Finance logo

Idle Finance tracks governance contributions with Karma (via governance mining) to identify and reward its most engaged participants.

Backed by
visionaries & community leaders

Backed By Visionaries & Community Leaders

Balaji Srinivasan

Ryan Adams Bankless

Rajeev Secureum

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